About Us

Mike Van Niekerk loved wood and he loved great wooden furniture.

Inspired by this passion, Mike and his children Schalk and Caroline set out on a journey to provide the people of Johannesburg with brilliantly-made, fair-priced furniture, delivered with love through an amazing service culture. All pretty revolutionary back in 1983!

Since then, we have been privileged to build thousands of special relationships with our customers from Sandton to Soweto and from Tzaneen to Cape Town. Generation upon generation has filled their homes with our furniture.

There has been raucous laughter around our dining tables, our desks have helped create doctors and business leaders and the littlest people have heard the most amazing tales while lying in our beds.

Touch Wood's own tale continues under the care of Mike's granddaughter Cizanne, who has grown up with us and understands the passion that drove us to get started 32 years ago.

We love our furniture and we hope you will too.

 As a consumer, one is faced with a huge selection in businesses that offer the same or similar products. The big question is which one to use. Hopefully you are reading this to get a better idea of who we are and what we do and mainly why you should make use of Touch Wood Furntique.

What we strive for:

Repeat business – this is the case for many of our customers. We have thousands of customers who have bought their childrens first beds from Touch Wood Furntique, in turn their children become loyal customers and then their children’s children. We hope to get you, the customer, to our shop once and then to enjoy a long and fruitful relationship together.

Customer satisfaction – yes, we are aware that every website this side of Mars states this, however, we mean it! Things like arriving at our shop and the door being closed in your face will never happen. At Touch Wood Furntique doors will open!

Personal Service – Touch Wood Furntique strives to make sure you know just how important you are to us. We try our best for each customer, always.

Word of Mouth Advertising – this goes hand in hand with customer satisfaction. At Touch Wood Furntique we have many tongue-in-cheek mottos, one being ‘If you like your friends, tell them about us.’

Now for the important stuff…

Quality & Price – We are sure that you can find a cheaper chest of drawers or wardrobes from the side of the road, but definitely not the same quality. Touch Wood Furntique’s customers want to buy once and see it last. So what do we offer in this department? We offer competitive prices that are correlated to the quality. Touch Wood Furntique work in many different woods: Pine (Standard/Knotty or Select/Knot free), Canadian Pine, Genuine Oregon, Saligna, Red Oak, Kiaat and Supawood (synthetic wood). Where we can, we try avoiding veneers and strive to use only solid wood on most items. But what really sets us apart is our secret Touch Wood Furntique Polishing Method. Our polishing method ensures even, long lasting colour and a finish that leaves staining and varnishing methods green and pealing with envy. No other factory uses our method!

Knowledge & Interest - Touch Wood Furntique has been in business for over 27 years, which doesn’t make us the smartest but does tell you one thing: We must be doing something right. We here at Touch Wood Furntique do know quite a bit but if we aren’t sure we will find out. No empty promises or pretend ‘know it all’, we are honest and strive to make sure you know what you are getting. We take an active interest in what we do and constantly try re-creating or re-inventing our proverbial wheel.

Selection and Choice – we have a wide range, actually that should read very wide range. We can make tables any size, do basic changes to most items and change fittings to suit your look. This huge selection is not only for furniture items but the colours available too. From standard Touch Wood Furntique’s Polishing colours of Golden Oak, Oregon Overspray, Dark Oak Over, Red Special Imbiua, Dark Red Special Imbuia, White Wash, Double White and Black Special Imbuia to any special colour your heart desires. What sets us aside even further is being able to match colours of previous items bought to new items you, our customer, would like to purchase. This translates into you being able to add on and buy over time.

Recycle (a.k.a: Repairs and Repolishing) - dust off that old chair or bookcase, etc in the garage and bring it in for repairing and repolishing. Why throw away when you can respray? From replacing leather riempies in chairs, to turning new legs, re-glue of items Touch Wood Furntique will restore your items to their former glory or make it into the piece you always wished you had. By changing the colour and fittings you won’t even recognize that old item! In closing, and on a more serious note, we hope that you give Touch Wood Furntique a chance. We say ‘Drive a little, save a lot’ but we should add ‘gain a whole deal more’. With our service, quality and appreciation of your business we know we will become your one stop family furniture shop.